• Nov 24 - Dec 1, 2017

  • 220km

  • 7 Stages

  • 1100m – 4200m

The Mustang Madness

Mountain bike race in the Forbidden Kingdom

THE MUSTANG MADNESS is a mountain biking holiday event in the once Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang, Nepal, a high Himalayan desert. The MTB event is a medley of culture, adventure, challenge and discovery along one of the best biking trails in Nepal.

As entry to foreign nationals was allowed only in 1992, Mustang is not explored completely. Some of the best MTB tracks are present in Mustang. Unfettered and un-peddled, these mountain biking trails are in perfect condition to be conquered.  The route of the Mustang Madness moves through jeep roads and some dazzling single track village trails. At some parts, mountain bikers may need to push their bike uphill. However once at the top, the view is heavenly and the trails from the top can only go downhill.

We Don’t Just Race Through, We Live and Breathe the Culture of Upper Mustang

The trail of the Mustang Madness stretches 220 km over the 7 stages and brings you the deep cultures and traditions followed in Mustang. Home to ancient Bonpo religion and Tibetan Buddhism, the culture of Mustang is well preserved in its purest form. Numerous chortens are present in Mustang. Ghare Gompa, the ‘First Monastery’ of Nimapa, Tibetan Sect of Buddhism, is one of the most important Gompas in the region. Beyond the culture, the MTB event offers the view of mysterious and intriguing long-abandoned cliff dwellings and ancient cave dwelling civilizations which fall on the route of the Mustang Madness. In the mid-1990’s archaeologists from Nepal and the University of Cologne began exploring the stacked caves and around several dozen skeletons, all at least 2,000 years old.

Mountain biking through the high Himalayan desert of Nepal, the views of Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri shows the magnificence of the Mustang and Nepal in its full fathom.The route of the Mustang Madness has been designed such that each stage varies from the next. Some stages are principally downhill whilst others are more uphill than down as you head North through Upper Mustang to Lo Manthang, the capital of the Forbidden Kingdom. Despite the nature of the track, the view of the high Himalayan deserts is astonishing. Riders participating in the Mustang Madness could be riding between 3 to 7 hours each day depending on the stage and participants biking level which leaves time to enjoy the scenic, historical and cultural aspects of Upper Mustang.

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