The Mustang Madness: An Ultimate MTB holiday

The Mustang Madness is a 7 staged MTB bike event in the land of once Forbidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang. it is an enthralling and challenging MTB bike event which offers riders have a chance to ride their mountain bikes in the high Himalayan desert of Mustang. In this event riders Covering a total of 220 km and scaling up to 4200m in altitude, the MTB bike ride offers technical single tracks along with ultimate downhill ride full of adrenaline and a few upward climbs providing an ultimate MTB bike in mustang madness holiday. The mountain biking event, which starts off from Kagbeni, which is a highlight location in the Annapurna circuit trek leads through Muktinath, Chele, and Lo-manthang before descending to Beni, that’s the ending point of the race. Moreover, the MTB bike ride will take you through Paha Pass at 4200m, the highest point in the MTB bike mustang madness event.

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MTB ride in Mustang.

In the Mustang Madness, riders will ride their MTB bike through the mostly unfettered lands of the upper mustang accompanied by the glorious Himalayas of Nepal.
This location and particularly the event are designed to have a deep imprint on our memories and souls. Biking through the stunning high altitude desert perpetually battered by wind, the eroded cliffs bring out the natural colors of local earth pigments in variations of red, yellow, brown complimented by clear blue skies and white snow caps of nearby mountains, two of which stand as the biggest gate columns in the world, Mount Annapurna and Mount Dhaulagiri. This is where Mustang Madness happens, the circuit trail in such a rich and technically challenging area makes for one of the most beautiful and self-actualizing mountain bikes rides in the world.

Riders carrying their MTB in an uphill climb,mustang madness, ultimate mtb holiday, forbidden kingdom,mustang madness, ultimate mtb holiday, forbidden kingdom,

Riders carrying their MTB in an uphill climb try this.

En route you see ancient cave towns with some of the oldest places of worship among many other things of beauty.
Being one of the most exotic locations for Mountain biking tours in Nepal, Mustang consists of some of the most amazing cultural and historic sites. The Tibetan cultures, art, and architecture is well preserved in the mustang. One could almost feel like going back in time once in the forbidden Kingdom in Mustang.

The Mustang Madness requires MTB bike rider to ride between 3-7 hours a day depending on their abilities. However, the riders will continuously be accompanied by views of the majestic Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna Massif. Mustang consists of ancient cave civilization believed to be more than 6 centuries old. Additionally Gompa older than 500 years is also a key highlight of the event.

All in all, the Mustang Madness is a wonderful medley of culture, history, ancient architecture and adventure. The MTB bike event is not just a ride but also a deep reflection on the culture and architectures of Mustang.

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Chorten in Mustang.