Mustang- A Heaven on earth

Landscape from Kagbeni

Mustang situated in the high Himalayas of the western Dhaulagiri zone and follows Tibetan cultures and religions, but politically it’s part of Nepal. Filled with views of numerous giant mountains in the region such as Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and Annapurna, the high Himalayan desert is definitely a heaven on earth. The title heaven on earth is claimed by many including the national daily newspaper The Himalayan Times. So, why is Mustang a heaven on earth? We give you 5 reasons: a. ...

Press Release: The Mustang Madness 2016

Mustang, 24th November The first edition of The Mustang Madness – a cross country mountain bike stage race held in upper and lower Mustang, Nepal started today 24th November 2016. The event is held in 7 stages covering a total distance of 220Km Continued. The first stage of the event started today from Kagbeni (2800m) and ended at Muktinath (3850m) vm1e3fo. Mr. Raj Kumar Shrestha took the lead in first stage with a timing of 57min and 50 seconds, followed ...

Lo-Manthang: Capital of the forbidden Kingdom

The capital of the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo, Lo-Manthang.

Lo-Manthang, the capital of forbidden kingdom, THE MUSTANG MADNESS is a highlight event in the stage MTB race, Mustang is a place full of history, culture and ancient traditions. It is Located in Mustang district, which lies in the Western Development Region, the capital is surrounded by canyons and cliff on all sides, the High Himalayan Desert plateau is home to ethnic Lohbas (any diverse amalgamation of Sino-Tibetan-speaking tribespeople). The Kingdom had maintained its hereditary rules despite the unity of Nepal by ...

The Mustang Madness

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