Is this for me?

With so many international mountain bike events and races becoming ever harder we, the event organisers, felt that the time was right to launch a new mountain bike event in the Himalayas that caters for the abilities and expectations of the average, regular, keen MTB rider who is looking for an accessible stage racing and cultural adventure in awesome surroundings.


  • You are at ease riding an assortment of single-track and jeep trails all of which incorporate many different types of surface including: roots, mud, loose rocks, sand and dust and are excited by the thought of riding in remote, wild and open mountain terrain then The Mustang Madness is for you.
  •  You regularly ride or jump over technical trail features, for example roots and rocks, and small / medium sized drops offs are within your level of experience and you accept that the uphills have to be conquered in order to earn your downhill fun then The Mustang Madness is definitely for you.
  •  You like your mountain biking adventures on the wild side with an amazing cultural exploration included then The Mustang Madness is a MUST for you.
  •  Riders who are competent and experienced on a variety of graded trails up to and including Red and accessible Black trails will have the core skill levels required for this route.
  •  Whilst The Mustang Madness is a supported, full service event, participants should be able to perform light, trailside running repairs, if required, during each stage e.g. puncture, chain repairs and brake adjustments.  Therefore a degree of self-sufficiency and experience of bike maintenance is very useful.
  •  Navigation for each stage of The Mustang Madness event will be by following GPS mapping files provided by the event organization.  Additional mapping will also be provided.  Participants should have map reading experience
  •  The Mustang Madness is a mountain bikers dream in an almost virgin mountain biking region.  Be one of the early adopters to experience The Mustang Madness


  •  You acknowledge that this is a physical biking challenge in a remote and mountainous region and includes riding to a maximum altitude of 4,100m.
  • You are equipped for riding for different days consecutively at a moderate pace for a normal of 3-4 hours of riding time every day. You could deal with an additional day requiring up to 5 hours of pedal time.
  • You can deal with moderate trips up to 750 vertical meters (2,450 ft) all out in a day.
  • You exercise 6 hours a week.
  • Your activity regime incorporates a blend of endurance preparing like riding a bicycle and strength training.
  • You acknowledge the strain this type of adventurous travel can place on the body’s systems.