Mystery Caves in Mustang

Mustang is a place rich in culture and history. With majority of people following ancient Tibetan Buddhism, the religion is well preserved and is not deviated from its core value More Help. In the 1900s, the exploration of the caves began. The team of archaeologists from Nepal and University of Cologne discovered remains of 42 ancient bodies buried under the wooden bunk beds. Dug 155ft above ground onto a cliff, the caves are believed to have been used as burial chamber during 1,000 BC. With seemingly no evidence of technolgoies being adequet enough to cave caves so high above the ground, it’s a mystery how the cave was formed.

Ancient cave dwelling in Chele.

Ancient cave dwelling in Chele.

The purpose changed to a safe bunker for families to avoid war during 10th century. Finally in 1400s the caves have been believed to become of meditative chambers, storage units and military lookouts.

Although the caves are empty now, the evidence of habitation and storage has been found inside the caves. Several dozen bodies found in the caves were identified to be more than 2,000 years old.

"Jhong" Cave in Chosser.

“Jhong” Cave in Chosser.