Pedaling across the Forbidden Kingdom

Mustang is the Last forbidden kingdom in Nepal which was restricted for tourist and visitors till 1992. Mustang described as a mystique valley, allows the travelers to witness heavenly beautiful Trans-Himalaya landscape, and ancient Tibetan Buddhist shrines such as Stupas, Chhortens, Kaanis, Prayers walls, and centuries old monasteries. Once you start your pedaling your MTB across the once forbidden kingdom you may feel like going back to the ancient Tibetan time and submerge yourself in the fresh wind, the culture, the myths and the high mountains altogether.

MTB Bike, peddling across the high himalaya dessert, Mustang nepal.

Mustang is almost treeless barren landscape, vegetation dessert area. This is a perfect location for MTB lovers to pedals in the spectacular desert single track trails landscape. The Mustang has its strange beauties which you may feel during MTB rides such as delightful long-abandoned cliff and caves dwellings, magnificent views and dramatic high altitude Himalayan. Now, we have to find some awesome biking trails with our passion and unique knowledge of the area of Upper Mustang; this is where The Mustang Madness happens.

The high himalaya dessert, Mustang nepal.

Once again The Mustang Madness is coming back with the new aspiration and some great experience from last year. So we’ve managed to carve out a spectacular route technical descents, fast, flowy single-track trails in hidden valley and a most remote area of the world.

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The Mustang Madness is a seven staged semi-technical adventurous mountain bike event in the once forbidden kingdom in Upper Mustang. In this event, the riders have to ride on their MTM in awesome single track village trails and covering a Total of 220 km in the high Himalayan desert and the elevation which is scaling up to 4200m altitude in upper Mustang. The mountain biking race starts off from Kagbeni, which is a highlight location in the Annapurna circuit leads through Muktinath, Chele, and Lo-manthang before descending to Beni, that’s the ending point of the race. Moreover, the MTB bike ride will take you through Paha Pass at 4200m, which is the highest point in the MTB Mustang Madness event.

Mustang Madness 2016, MTB with a view.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, then this location and particularly the event “the Mustang Madness” is designed for Mtb riders and as a tour in once Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal where most riders would never get the chance ride.

MTB ride in the upper Mustang offers some technical single tracks along with ultimate downhill ride full of adrenaline and a few upward climbs providing an ultimate MTB event to make a beautiful image in your memories and have a deep imprint on your souls which you never forget.