MTB trails of Mustang Madness

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The Exotic beauty of Mustang has hard to find trails from steep uphill to chill downhill. The MTB trails of Mustang include river crossing, so one need to be ready to ride or carry the bike on, with continuation to the ride. Crew experience says that despite any dynamics of trails, the rare scenic charm with snow capped high Himalayas no-doughtily will drop some charm in the moments of the engaged member or riders, leaving them to love their life.

Unpolished jeep trails and the most found single tracks show the wonderful Mustang is still less visited despite its rare exquisiteness. Riders need to be familiar with these single and jeep trails either on push uphill or cool downhill. 7 stages of MTB Race have a gap in between as we care riders more than just waiting for winner timing. On each stage, we ride from one village to other village or town. Starting the race from kagbeni, the last stage ends on tatopani through Muktinath, Chelee Town, Ghami village, large village Lo Manthang with a palace of Mustang King & Queen, remote area Tenge with Tibetan flavour and Marpha as well view don’t miss Kali Gandaki valley, Mt. Dhaulagiri & Nilgiri.

MTB trails of Mustang

Although the detailed document of each stage will be handled to you, it is a smart to have navigational skill on. The MTB Mustang Race is on 4200m high altitude with evening rest at about 3500m height level. So start knowing what your body needs to get adjusted and continue being strong till the race completes. Although all stages are on the own different level, stage 5 & 6 are seen on little more difficulty with the push or carry your bike on steep uphill of around 15 minutes and 2-3 hrs on respective stages. Despite marvellous nature view the cultured taste of each village or town we step on, will we leave us fascinating and refreshing.

Win or lose is a part of a game, so more than rank it is important to complete the race. Start caring ourselves, uplifting your stamina level by run and cycling as passion. Along with all these, the MTB Race being a self-evaluating own riding capability, it is not good to not grab the opportunity.

MTB in Mustang

MTB in Mustang: – The Mustang Madness

MTB in Mustang is an enthralling and mesmerizing experience on MTB bike tour.  which is offers by the Mustang Madness event in the upper mustang. Mustang is one of the best mountain biking destination on earth. There are no other places in the world has such an amazing, speechless and jaw-dropping views of the Himalayas. which is one of the best single track trails that Nepalese Himalayas has to offer. In upper Mustang you’ll experience some tough climbs, technical descents, fast, flowy single track, and the most spectacular views that you can never imagine.

Now, we have to find some awesome biking trails with our passion and unique knowledge of the area of the upper mustang and we’ve managed to carve out a spectacular route on some of the most remote trails in the world in a place where most riders would never get the chance to ride. If you’re looking for something truly unique, then the Mustang madness, MTB in Upper Mustang Valley is truly an awe-inspiring adventure and a phenomenal experience that you’ll never forget.

we provide a complete MTB package in a mustang with views of jaw-dropping landscapes, towering peaks and ancient culture which makes an unforgettable beautiful image in your memories of the mustang madness MTB bike event.

Mustang Madness 2016, MTB with a view.

History: – The Kingdom of Lo, as it was known in the ancient world and until fairly was restricted to outsiders and hence also become known as the hidden Kingdom. which is Opened for foreigners in 1988, now where are Tibetan culture, architecture, and art preserved better in Mustang. So, when you are rolling your MTB bike wheels on the land of Mustang, technically, you are riding in the once Forbidden Kingdom.

The capital of the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo, Lo-Manthang.

Location: – Mustang lies in the north of the Himalayas and is technically part of Tibetan plateau; hence the similarity is landscape albeit with beautiful and unique features. A high altitude desert perpetually battered by the wind, the eroded cliffs bring out the natural colors of local earth pigments in variations of red, yellow, brown complemented by clear blue skies and white snow caps of nearby mountains. Two of which stand as the biggest gate columns in the world, Mount Annapurna, and Mount Dhaulagiri. MTB in Mustang will take you through these shots of awe where you’ll certainly stop the wheels to take in the moment better.

Royal Palace at Lo-manthang

The View: – MTB in Mustang En-route a huge cultural change, visiting ancient villages and ancient cave towns with some of the oldest places of worship among many other things are visible. Additionally, thousands of cliff dwellings believed to be established in 8-10,000 BC when Mustang was a much greener place in another site experience Himalayan riding that’ll imprint memories in your soul.

Muustang Madness, MTB in mustang

The holiness: – Muktinath, a famous temple for Hindu and Buddhist delegates alike, is spectacular as it can get. The name Muktinath translates to “Place of Moksha”.The temple is also considered to be a Shakti Peetha which are sacred Shakti(energy) dwellings which are believed to have formed from the falling of body parts of the corpse of Sati Devi(the first wife of Lord Shiva) when Lord Shiva carried it and wandered after she died.

Mustang Madness, MTB in mustang

The challenge: – Mustang offers physically and psychologically challenging adventure Mountain Biking (MTB). along with the culturally rich, mysterious, and the ancient Hidden Kingdom of Mustang deep in the Himalayas. you’ll love it because the riding is challenging both in the climbs and the descents, all through scenery that blows your mind. There is 7 stage of semi-technical high altitude MTB ride along a jeep road and some awesome single trek village trails. Biking through the stunning high elates and through a spectacular desert landscape against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks.

Riders with their bikes on the back.

When riding an MTB in Mustang, you don’t just ride. You feel the wind, the culture, the myths and the mountains altogether. In a nutshell, MTB in Mustang is a thrilling adventure culturally, physically, and psychologically. It’s one you don’t want to miss.